Wild plants are the essence behind all commercially available vegetables, fruits, and herbs, packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour thanks to their untouched goodness.

We offer an introductory course into the world of foraging, acquainting you with plants found all over the globe. We highlight what to be cautious of and how to safely and confidently collect your wild greens and fungi.

The experience begins with your arrival at the Novak Guesthouse where homemade syrup awaits you on the table, along with carefully prepared baskets and knives for gathering. After a brief introduction, we embark on a forest walk, discovering what nature’s pantry has to offer. Following our exploration, we return to our guesthouse, which serves as both our starting and finishing point, and welcome you into the kitchen. Here, we transform our finds into a delicious lunch paired with a glass of wine.

Join us for a guided foraging experience where we reconnect with nature and explore the abundance of wild plants surrounding us.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Price: €100.00 per person
Minimum: 4 participants required—fixed price of €400.00 for smaller groups (fewer than 4).

What’s Included:

– Homemade syrup upon arrival
– Two-hour foraging course with baskets and knives provided
– Forest surprise
– Cooking class featuring 2 dishes
– Glass of wine with lunch

Additional drinks are charged separately after consumption.

Please come prepared with appropriate footwear for walking in forested areas.

Book your spot now and embark on a journey of discovery and deliciousness!

Explore the Wild